The prices published on our website do not include 16% of Value Added Tax and the 3% of Lodging Tax and entitle to use the suite for your room, as well as the services of water, electricity, cable television, 24 hour security and the regulated enjoyment of common areas. The prices of the suites published on our website are subject to change without notice. When booking the suite please confirm the rate.


The requested security deposit varies according to the price of each unit and according to the following scheme:

  • Stays less or equal of a month: 20% of the total contracted.
  • Stays of 2 to 6 months: 30% of the cost of the monthly payment.
  • Stays major of 7 months: Deposit of 1 month.

The deposit is refunded the day of the check-out, with the previous review of the inventory and the general condition of the room. If damages have occurred during the stay of Guest, the sum necessary for the replacement of things will be deducted from the deposit.

If the deposit is not enough to cover the damages, the Guest must pay the difference necessary to cover the relevant expenses, without being able to dispose of his luggage, which will remain in guarantee of payment. It is the obligation of the Guests to return the room and objects inventoried in the same conditions of order and cleanliness in which they were delivered.


In order to confirm the reservation of a room, it is necessary to pay the corresponding security guarantee deposit.


Once you have fulfilled the requirements of the reservation, the amount indicated and the deposit have been paid, we will confirm the reservation, this will be via email to the guest.


Available payment methods are:

  • Cash (US dollars are accepted at the bank exchange rate of the day).
  • Check (in our offices and in rent greater than one week).
  • Credit card (in our offices and by telephone).
  • Bank deposit.
  • Electronic transfer.
  • Payment with credit card on our website.


The rates of the suites change according to the period for which the suite is rented and the contract is signed. Also each rate includes different levels of service according to the following table:

Cleaning – Daily

Changing of Sheets – Daily

Change of towels – Daily

Cleaning – Once a week

Change of sheets – Once a week

Towel change – 3 times per week


In order to be able to continue at our premises once the contract is concluded, you must contact the administration to confirm the availability of the room for the desired period and, if possible, sign the new contract and make the payment for the requested period. We suggest you make your request for an extension at the moment you consider the length of your stay, to have a greater opportunity to serve you, with a five-day advance to continue with the lodging in your same suite or another similar according to our availability.


In case of cancellation prior to the check-in, is established as a penalty the loss of the guarantee deposit, so there will be no refunds. In the case of early cancellations of contract, the penalty corresponding to the contract must be applied.


The suites will be delivered to the User from 17:00 hrs. to 19:00 hrs. In case you require another schedule, please make it know on reservation date.


The guest must deliver the suite between 8:00 hrs. and 12:00 hrs. In the event that the user left the room after the scheduled time, a charge of 50% of the agreed rate for one day will be charged. If the user requires to leave the suite at a different time, must inform the day of your reservation.


All suites have telephone service for local, national and international calls. Incoming calls do not have a cost and the outgoing calls are charged according to the current rates that will be granted in the administration.